Geographical Position

Charlottenburg or Charlotenburg; Sarlota (Romanian); Saroltavár (Hungarian), is settled in the western part of Romania, in the Romanian Banat, district of Timis, municipality of Bogda (germ. Neuhof) in the so called Bergsau area. The Bergsau is a part of a landscape called Banater Hecke. It consists of a chain of hills covered by forests, fields and pastures, which is extended from Pischia (germ. Bruckenau) and the Bentscheker forest to what is nowadays the border to the district of Arad.
The official name is Charlotenburg and the zipcode is 307073.

Coordinates: 21°31'4" - 21°31'23,7" E, 45°58'37,5" - 45°58'51,5" N (WGS84)

Altitude: 165 m

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