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Thanks to my beloved grandmother Theresia Kusak (* 24.08.1911 + 03.04.2003) who conferred with her stories colour and sound to my memories.

to Mr Ernest Backin, a lot of years post office official in Charlottenburg, for the correction of the list of inhabitants and the mill painting from Volkmann.
To Mr Georg Becker and Mr Sepp Engel for the plenty of details.

To the family Titu for all the stories about the game, the park and the hunting.

To Ms Eveline Quint, Ms Elisabeth Flohr and Ms Hermine Hammerand for the photos.
To Mr Gianny Pirvut for the "Friends" photo.
To Ms Karin Berwanger for her multiple suggestions and corrections.
To Mr Kalman Nagy for the translation of the [Török] article.
To Ms Helga Korodi for the correction of the English version.
To Mr Peter Trimper for the information about the costs of the church and the permision to publish his photo.
Sigrid Eckert-Berwanger, Johann Lutz, Rainer Stärzl, Axel Kirchner, Soufiane Abdellaoui, Alina Almajan, Angela und Ralph Berwanger, for their contribution by reading and testing this presentation.

For the English translation I would like to thank the one and only, the hard-working, the talented, nice, incredibly intelligent, fantastic, lovely, modest and finally finished Ralph Philipp Berwanger.