Today the village looks more like an apple: round with a crestfallen handle, which stands for the suburb. The church, the school building and further four houses can be found in the middle.
At present the village has got 199 inhabitants. It looks very tidy and many of the houses were converted into holiday cottages. The church has been renovated with the donations of the former inhabitants. With the kindly help of the Rumaenienhilfe Marpingen - Help for Romania Marpingen the school building has been redevelopped.
By reparing the fence the re-construction of the hunting domain has been started recently. Unfortunately the old oaks on the entrance seen from the village have been cut down some years ago. Most of the fields are fallow fields. After a few years Charlottenburg the village name changed to Charlotenburg. In 2012 the following indicator was mounted in the village of Masloc (germ. Blumenthal):

To Charlottenburg 2012

The charitable organization Help for Romania Marpingen from Marpingen in the nord of the Saarland has done its first trip to Romania in may of 1990, to Lipova. There followed 15 big transports and some smaller ones for Christmas to schools and kindergartens in the districts Fibis (germ. Fibisch), Masloc (germ. Blumenthal), Remetea-Mica (germ. Königshof) and Bogda (germ. Neuhof). The last big project was the redevelopping of the Charlottenburg school, with the help of the local administration. Further goals: improve the live conditions for old people in this region and help children with their further education. Contact person: Mrs. Ruth Staub.